Transitioning Mom From Assisted Living to Memory Care

Are you faced with transitioning mom from assisted living to memory care? Learn about the possible reasons for the transition, and the best ways to navigate this difficult transition.

Reasons for Transition
There’s a big difference between mom chronically forgetting where she left her eyeglasses, and mom having trouble remembering your name. If you notice that mom is struggling more often with remembering things, especially simple ones, it might be time to make the transition to memory care. It is important that you understand that your mom’s memory loss has internal ramifications, as well. Struggles with memory often cause the person to feel frustrated, angry, or frightened. When you transition mom into a memory care facility, you’ll actually help her feel safer and more secure because she’ll be surrounded by trained staff who understand her situation and can help her adjust.

When to Tell Mom
The transition should take place during a time when mom is feeling calm and lucid. If your mom has recently received a diagnosis of dementia or another form of memory loss, this is a good time to broach the subject of a transition to memory care. Your mother will likely be relieved that you’re taking practical steps to ensure that she’s well taken care of in regard to her progressing symptoms.

How to Make the Transition Easier
You and the rest of the family can make the transition easier by having all discussions during times when mom is fully able to understand what’s happening. Take the time to sit down and explain all the features and amenities of the memory care facility, as well as the benefits of the extra care she’ll receive to help with her struggles with memory loss.

Plan the move well ahead of time, so there is no last minute rushing. Help mom pack her things, and stay with her as much as possible throughout the first days.

Meet the staff at the memory care facility with mom, and make sure all contact information is shared. That way, mom will know that you have contact with the staff and vice versa.

All these steps will help to ensure that mom feels loved, safe, and protected as she makes the move into memory care from assisted living. When you are patient and explain everything, your mom will see that memory care is the best lifestyle option at this stage in her life.

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