Lifestyle Options for Senior Living

Aging is a reality of life. As time goes on, it’s important to plan for living options that make sense in light of changing needs. Independence, quality of life and type of residence in one’s later years depend upon health, finances and lifestyle preferences. The following is an overview of the top living options for seniors preparing for transitions and changes.

Independent Living
Staying in one’s current residence as long as possible is a favored option for many seniors. It allows for remaining in a familiar setting with familiar routines. Some adjustments and modifications can be made to a residence to ensure continued comfort and safety. The installation of bathtub railings, non-slip surfaces, an emergency response intercom system, wheelchair ramp or electric stair system are some examples.

Community Living
Relocating to an apartment, condo or other residential complex with a focus on senior residency is another possible option. Community living enables active seniors to live around people the same age while enjoying access to key services such as assistance with transportation and weekly community events.

Assisted Living
Assisted living facilities are ideal for seniors who need a mild to moderate amount of help with some of their needs. These might include assistance with basic tasks, medications, safety and light medical care. The cost of this type of living option will vary depending upon the specific community and the amount of help required.

Skilled Nursing Options
The skilled nursing option may have some overlap with the assisted living option. However, it is generally geared toward seniors who need daily or round-the-clock care due to a physical or medical condition. Access to skilled nursing helps ensure safety and quality of life.

In-Home Care
Those who wish to stay in their current residence also have the option of paying for medical professionals to come to their location as needed. This may take the form of a daily nurse visit or round-the-clock care. Cost will vary accordingly.

Step/Graduated Care Options
Some of the larger senior care facilities offer a step/graduated care option. This allows the senior to stay in one place as they age, but with the option of being easily moved to areas within the building that are outfitted to meet their changing needs and health condition.

Independent living, community living, assisted living, skilled nursing options, in-home care and step/graduated care represent an overview of the lifestyle options available to seniors in their golden years. While pricing for the different senior living options can vary widely, retirement savings, insurance and Medicaid can help offset the costs.

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