Does Your Loved One Need Assisted Care?

It can be a challenging moment when you realize that your parent or loved one needs more help than you can provide. Grappling with options that will allow your loved one to continue their lives on their own accord can be frustrating and stressful. Yet, you’re not the first one to face this milestone.

There are some signs to keep in mind when trying to determine if your loved one needs assisted care: Basic hygienic rituals staying intact? Are they showering? Are they eating and taking their medication regularly? Are they paying their bills on time? Are they forgetting to turn off appliances like the stove? Do they seem confused when there’s a break in routine? There are many subtle signs to keep an eye out for, but these are some essential ones to consider.

If these signs are apparent in your loved one’s behavior, then your next step is to decide if a senior community or assisted living community is right for them. Senior communities offer different types of care. Some only provide minimal supervision and activities, while others are full-service facilities that monitor your loved one around the clock. An independent living community offers no services other than possible transportation and/or coordinated activities and meals. Yet, these spaces provide a communal living lifestyle with opportunities for socializing. Both senior communities and assisted living can be found in a variety of facilities. Some are located in hotel-like accommodations that focus on the independent living model, and others are in apartment-style homes that offer more one-on-one personal care.

There are several factors to consider when deciding which type of home is best for your loved one. It’s critical to evaluate the fees and costs of services, licensing level, and the training and certification of the staff. Most importantly, you should find out how your loved one feels about the establishment.

I’m here to help you weigh your options, and answer any questions you may have.  Please always feel free to contact me at (505) 349-3989.


Margaret Surrock, RN 

Harmony Residential Care