Margaret Surrock, RN, Founder of Harmony Residential Care

Margaret was working as an RN in a hospital in the 1990’s, when she realized that so many of the elderly patients she was helping were being discharged with no good level of care once they got home. She saw a great need for caring, supportive care as elderly patients convalesce, and she wanted to do something about it. In 1997, together with her mother, she opened her first Residential Supportive Living Home in Rio Rancho, called Harmony House. She then opened two more in 2002 and 2008, Abundant Living and Autumn Glow.

Margaret’s main concern is the well-being of her residents. 

Margaret’s main concern is the well-being of her residents. She takes great care in making sure Harmony Residential Care is the right fit for you. If it’s not the right fit, you won’t be happy. Margaret takes time to talk to potential residents to find out what they are looking for in an assisted living facility. She wants to hear what the problems are, and then she wants to help you solve those problems.

If she doesn’t think Harmony Residential Care is the right fit, she will give you recommendations for other facilities. If your mom is more active or fit, for example, or if she would prefer a more social situation – Margaret might suggest a larger facility. Margaret knows that if an adult child makes the wrong decision for their parent, that parent will not trust their child to make another decision for them. So she does everything she can to help preserve that relationship.

Margaret is licensed by the New Mexico Board of Health, New Mexico Board of Nursing and the New Mexico Board of Pharmacy.

Her RN credentials are: Licensed and Certified Assisted Living Administrator and President of the Assisted Living Services Organization (ALSO)